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Disturbing "RESORT FEE" Hotels

Hotel Resort Fees are the latest "hidden" costs and their growth is disturbing.  Hotels in cities across the U.S., including Scottsdale, New York and L.A. and Las Vegas, are implementing hotel fees at a growing rate.  Vote with your wallet by choosing a hotel before hand that does not tack on expensive "resort fees" for services you don't use.

In Las Vegas, resort fees can be as high as $25 a night before taxes (yes resort fees are subject to high hotel tax rates). Boycott these properties. There are too many alternatives at both high and low end properties.

Stay at the Wynn or Encore instead of the Venetian or the Palazzo.  Avoid  Stations and MGM Mirage properties unless you are prepared to pay over $25 to receive free incoming faxes!  Just say NO to Motel 6 type dumps like the  Sahara, Excalibur & Circus Circus. Stay at the Casino Royale, any Harrah's property  or most downtown properties which are resort fee free. You can stay a night at the Fremont or El Cortez for as little as $25 most weeknights. That is the cost of just the resort fee at the Red Rock & Green Valley Ranch,  whose parent company is current in bankruptcy.

Mr. Wolf always stays resort fee free in Vegas!  The first question I should ask before making a reservation at ANY hotel anywhere not just Las Vegas, is about resort fees. I always ask about parking rates too except in Vegas because all the hotels provide free valet & self parking. Which reminds me, taxis in Las Vegas are very high and long hauling is an epidemic.

Here is the best list that I have found for Las Vegas Hotel resort fees. Hotels that do not charge the fee are included.
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