Bonzer Wolf™ (bonzerwolf) wrote,
Bonzer Wolf™

There are only 15,000 Libertarian Party Dues-Paying Members in U.S.

Please join the Libertarian Party and become a dues-paying member for only $25 (12 month membership).

I hope you will ask at least one other person to join the party.  I'm not asking you to follow up or worry too much about whether your effort is successful. I'm just asking you to try.

Ask a friend to take the World's smallest political quiz here

Here's an interesting poll with reactions to the word "libertarian." It's pretty evenly divided -- 38% positive, 37% negative. On balance, Republicans view the word "libertarian" negatively, Democrats are divided, while independents have a positive impression of the term. I encourage you to reach out to anyone, regardless of what you think their political persuasion is.

The Libertarian Party dues-paying membership numbers have been fairly constant for the past 28 months. We typically experience growth around election season, as we did leading up to the November 2008 elections.

Good news: This year we already have 587 Libertarian candidates from 32 states listed on our website. Other states will be reporting their lists of candidates in the next couple of months, which will almost certainly put us above 600 candidates -- that's more than we had in 2006 or 2008.

Republicans and Democrats keep delivering more government. Libertarians work to deliver freedom!

I hope you'll at least try getting at least one other person to join the Libertarian Party.

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