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Homeland Security Investigations
ice 2003
Text from email was sent to ICE special agents this week concerning name change for OI

ICE will operate through three new directorates—Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and Management and Administration.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI): HSI will align the existing ICE offices that are primarily devoted to criminal investigation, namely the Offices of Intelligence, International Affairs, and Investigations. This directorate will continue to pursue ICE’s existing role as DHS’ principal investigative program, with responsibility for ICE’s national security programs and ICE’s investigative authority over criminal violations of U.S. law relating to illicit trade, travel, immigration, and finance. The directorate will also continue to investigate violations of the employment verification laws and visa violations in the U.S. and abroad. James Dinkins will serve as Executive Associate Director of HSI.

Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO): ERO will align the existing offices in ICE that are primarily devoted to civil immigration enforcement, namely the Office of Detention and Removal Operations and the Secure Communities program. This directorate will ensure a coherent and consistent approach to civil immigration enforcement in a manner that prioritizes convicted criminals, fugitives and illegal re-entrants, and recent border violators. The directorate will also oversee the agency’s detention system, removal flight operations, and efforts to locate aliens subject to criminal prosecution for illegal re-entry. James Chaparro will serve as ERO Executive Associate Director.

Management and Administration: The directorate will consist of the Offices of the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Information Officer, Human Capital, Acquisition Management, Policy, Privacy, Training and Development, National Firearms and Tactical Training Unit, Freedom of Information Act, the Chief Diversity Officer, and Equal Employment Opportunity. These offices support the missions of HSI and ERO and provide sound agency management. The directorate will oversee management of ICE’s budget, expenditure of funds, accounting and finance, procurement, human resources and personnel, workforce recruitment, equal employment opportunity, information technology systems, facilities, property, equipment, and the identification and tracking of performance measurements. Daniel Ragsdale will serve as Executive Associate Director for Management and Administration.

Speculation remains that legislation will be introduced to move Commerce OEE agents to ICE as well as mandating that ICE be the lead agency at the CPI fusion center.
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