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2010 WSOP Final Event Starts July 5

The Final event of this years World Series of Poker starts on Monday at the Rio in Las Vegas. This $10,000 buy in event was formerly known as the "Main Event".   This years WSOP started on May 27. 

July 4 is the tournaments only "day off".  On July 17 the Final Event will play down to 9 players, who will come back sometime in November to finish the Tournament.

You can follow many of the players on Twitter.

@MariaHo (Maria Ho) : Some guy told me that he paid me off on the river b/c he was blinded by my beauty, but I think he did it cuz he’s a bad player. #justsayin‘ - There should be a real against squirm-inducing pick up lines at the table. Instead of assessing one round orbits, though, the line is immediately transmitted to a tournament director, who then announcers the name of the player and said pick-up line to the entire tournament field over the microphone.

@TexDolly (Doyle Brunson) : Nope, I didn’t play the 25K tournament today. Instead I spent another 3 hours in the dentist’s chair. Fun day with implants:-( - Let your juvenile humor run wild - Dolly gets implants!

@JonAguiar (Jon Aguiar) : Sklansky is now convinced the guy guy on his left is going to kill jeff, he reached in his bag and sklansky ran 3 tables away - Usain Bolt’ing out of the casino isn’t exactly a reputation builder - there’s only a 10% chance he’s got a piece on him in the first place. As I always say, “It’s better to look cool and get shot than run away and live the rest of your life.'

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