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Tour de France 2010

Believe it or not, I have been following the Tour de France on VersusHD since I left ICE in July 2008.  For those who are not familiar with this event here is an outline of the event. Complete rules (in French & English) can be found here

Whether leaders of a team or merely a team-mate, the riders on the Tour de France try to excel, either individually or as a team. According to the stage profiles, changes in the general standings or some unexpected circumstance during the race, each rider adapts his objectives to the situation. The winners of the various prizes eventually share the honors and the money at stake with their team-mates. Enough to make (almost!) everybody happy.

The 21 stages of the 2010 Tour de France are divided up as follows: 9 flat stages, 6 mountain stages, 4 medium altitude stages, 1 individual time-trial and 1 prologue.  Prize money: € 8,000 to the winner of each stage (€ 475,000 in total).

The Yellow Jersey is worn by the leader of the general individual time classification. Prize money: € 450,000 for the outright winner (€ 1,000,000 in total).

The Green Jersey is worn by the leader of the points classification. The points can be won on intermediate sprints and at stage finishes.
Prize money: € 25,000 for the outright winner (€ 145,400 in total).

The Red Polka Dot Jersey is worn by the best climber. Points for best climber classification are awarded at the top of any classified slope.
Prize money: € 25,000 for the outright winner (€ 106,750 in total).

The White Jersey is worn by the best young rider aged 25 years or less in the general individual time classification.
Prize money: € 20,000 for the outright winner (€ 66,500 in total).

This year the race is running from Saturday July 3rd to Sunday July 25th 2010, the 97th Tour de France will be made up of 1 prologue and 20 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,642 kilometres.

Here is the official Tour de France 2010 web site
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