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Pedro The Lion

"Pedro" has been running bad at poker for months.  Yesterday his fortunes seemed to turn and after six hours at the table.  His $100 buy in had turned into a stack of $420 in chips.  "Slick", the best player at the table, was going in the opposite direction.  "Slick" was stuck for $400.  Pedro lost a couple of hands and was down to $390 and decided to take a dinner break.  

Pedro thought about leaving his chips on the table, which would lock up his seat for an hour.  Table #4 Seat #3 is his favorite and after running bad in that seat for months, things seemed to be turning around.  But since there was a waiting list, Pedro racked up his chips and left. Slick decided to stay and play and if he hit the felt (lost his remaining $80) he was going to call it a day.

Pedro returned about an hour later and was put on the waiting list.  A few minutes later Pedro was assigned to Table #4 Seat #9. Slick was seating in Seat #8 and another regular player, Don was now seating in Pedro's favorite seat #3.  Because Pedro sat down in the "small blind" he was not by House Rule allowed to be dealt into the hand.  Pedro sat with chips in front of him and watched the

The flop came 4
6 7.  Turn 7. River 7.  for a board of  467♠7♣7

 Slick held 76on the button, giving him two pair on the flop, a full house on the turn and quads on the river.

Don held 3
5  in the big blind, giving him a straight on the flop and the straight flush on the river.

At showdown Don had the nuts 3
4567. Slick had 77♠7♣76♠.  There was no card higher than a six on the board, so the hand qualified for the Winstar Bad Beat Jackpot.

Slick won $8,300.  Don collected $4,980.  The five other players who were dealt in the hand received $664 each.

Pedro did not collect a single cent and was left to ponder  "what would have been"  if he had locked up seat #3 when he broke for dinner?

                                                                        "The only sure thing about luck is that it will change."
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