The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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beautiful sky
Since the iPad does not support Flash technology, it's not easy to post on LiveJournal. I am going to get a new hard drive for my laptop at some time in the future. For now I'm "mini blogging" on Twitter & Facebook. Catch my updates here

Had a great vacation with the Mrs. at the Drowsy Water Ranch near Granby, Colorado. Las Vegas is next on the agenda, leaving for a week of poker at the Venetian, Orleans and South Point next Wednesday,

It's good to see people from all over the country jumping on the Anti-Pelsoi bus and determined to begin the end of the Obamanation in November.  Las Vegas unemployment is almost 15% and foreclosures there are the highest in the country.  Sources tell me that SEIU is employing their usual union scare tactics and intimidation to keep Harry Reid off he unemployment line.

Of course both newspapers and all the national and local media in Las Vegas are endorsing Reid.  It's a tough battle but if the GOP can win that one, it's all over but the crying for the DemocRAT Socialist Party in Congress.

Happy trails. See you on down the road.



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