December 14th, 2008

NFL Football is made for TV

Mr. & Mrs. Wolf attended the New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys game tonight to say farewell to Texas Stadium.  The Wolves had great seats, just 13 rows from the field on the 30 yard line. But no seat in the stadium gives the view you can get from the easy chair in  front of an HD TV.  Two tickets $125, parking at least one mile and two bridges from the stadium $30, food and drinks $40 which adds up to $320. 

But the view of an NFL game  from in front of 52 inch HD TV is priceless!  For the price of attending 3 Cowboys games, you can buy a 52 inch HD TV  and see all the games for the next ten years.  Drink a six pack of beer at home for the price on one Texas Stadium brew.  The view from 13 rows up, sucks unless the action is directly in front of your seat give or take ten yards. The stadium seats that are selling for $750 each once the last game is played (most likely next Saturday night) will never be mistaken for your lazy boy. 

NFL games are made for TV.  Sitting in the stadium is a beating. The commercial breaks come early and often and last forever. The seats are designed for featherweights.  The rest room lines form immediately after the kick off and continue until well after the game clock expires. The chicken fingers are cold & expensive. The beer is warm & expensive. The view is limited & expensive. The parking is a real beating & real expensive.  There is NO public transportation to Texas Stadium. Both DART and the T said "no mas" back in 2003.  The wait to get in, then get out will take hours.

Next time I feel like spending $320, there has to be at least a thousand different ways that are a hundred times less of a beating than attending a single Cowboys game.  For $320 or less, Bonzer could - Buy a round trip ticket from DFW to Las Vegas or buy a 19 inch HD TV for his desk or drive 8 round trips to the Chickasaw Nation poker room in beautiful downtown Thackerville or see 32  movies at Cinemark, or pay for 6 months membership at Lifetime Fitness, or purchase TCU men's basketball season tickets for 2 years and sit in an aisle seat 3 rows behind the home team bench and see all the action or buy ipods for the she wolf and the wee wolf and have plenty of cash left over for itunes gift cards or do just about anything short of a root canal and have more fun for less money.

Next year, the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium opens just 20 minutes from the casa de Bonzer in Arlington, Texas.  I hear the only $125 seats will be in the parking lot. Whatever. The NFL is made for TV and you'll find me in front of one, even if the tickets are FREE.  Mr. Wolf has attended his last NFL game, at least in this lifetime. Today I suddenly remember why its been ten years since I last attended a Cowboys game and almost as long since I missed one on TV.

                                                     Dallas 20 -Giants 8
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