December 28th, 2008

COWBOYS HUMILIATED Beyond Embarassment

Dallas Cowboys hit low point under OWNER & GENERAL MANAGER JERRY JONES

Fans speak out in the Dallas Morning News

I gotta laugh at Jerry's comment of..

"Very Dissapointing".

Umm...hey had your butt handed to you today. Disappointing? How about saying something like..

"We were humiliated out on the field today."

Two words. Jerry Jones. He has hood winked the citizens of Arlington into paying for his stadium, and the fans of the Cowboys to pay ridiculous amounts of money for season tickets.

He, and his mindset is the problem. Dallas will never be a championship team until he sells the franchise. He believes if he just keeps hiring high dollar big mouthed recievers, we will win.

Jimmy Johnson was the only real coach we have had. All others have been yes men.

I hope Jerry will enjoy watching the games all alone in his new stadium next fall then. What a joke this franchise has become.

This franchise will go straight downhill (it can get really worse, look at the Lions) unless the fans boycott Jerryworld and cause Jerry to have to sell the team and get as far away from Valley Ranch as possible.

The one smart thing Jerry ever did was hire Jimmy Johnson and the biggest mistake he ever made is running Jimmy off.

Jerry Jones needs to fire the GM, and let the new GM determine if a coaching change should be made, or whether the team should keep TO.

      The begining of the end for Romo

                                                                                                              Nick Knows !!!

Jessica's Curse

Quarterback Tony Romo lost two fumbles and threw an interception in another late-season failure. He again demonstrated that he is Mr. November — a deficiency instead of a compliment when the sport is football, not baseball. The Eagles defense chased and battered Romo repeatedly. Early in the third quarter, safety Brian Dawkins sacked him, causing a fumble that defensive end Chris Clemons scooped up and returned 73 yards for a touchdown and a 34-3 Eagles lead.

Even encouraging plays were only a mirage for Romo. Midway through the third quarter, he completed a short pass to Marion Barber, only to watch as Barber was stripped of the ball by Dawkins. Philadelphia cornerback Joselio Hanson grabbed the loose ball and waltzed 96 yards for a touchdown, putting the Eagles ahead, 41-3. Romo ran halfheartedly in pursuit, then simply gave up.

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Dallas Cowboys Worst Loss in 20 Years- NO PLAYOFFS

Philadelphia 44  Dallas 6

Donovan McNabb flexed his muscles, seemingly mocking Terrell Owens. The always stoic Andy Reid played cheerleader, encouraging the crowd to make noise.

Many fans may not want the quarterback or coach back for another season. But they'll be here for at least one more game – a playoff game.

The Philadelphia Eagles overcame daunting odds to capture an NFC wild-card spot with a dominating 44-6 victory over the Cowboys on Sunday. So much for all that preseason Super Bowl hype in Dallas – America's Team can start its vacation plans early.

The Eagles (9-6-1) will play at NFC North champion Minnesota (10-6) next weekend.

Surely, it'll be a drama-filled offseason for the Cowboys, as owner Jerry Jones has to answer more questions about coach Wade Phillips' job and perhaps consider a major overhaul.

"There will not be a new head coach," Jones repeated several times in a somber Cowboys locker room.

How 'bout them Cowboys!

Tony Romo came up way short in another crucial game, dropping his record to 5-8 in December. T.O. was a non-factor, despite six catches for 103 yards.

"They just handed us an old-fashioned butt whipping," Owens said. "I don't have all the answers, but I'd love to be part of the solution."

Right from the start, the Eagles played with more urgency. While fans cheered Tampa's loss to Oakland, players waited until that game was over before running onto the field for pregame introductions.

The Cowboys have lost nine consecutive season finales.

    Eagles Piss ALL over Romo & Jones