February 9th, 2009

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Obama is a snake oil salesman

The Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan official budget watchdog, issued a scorecard on the long-term impacts of President Barack Obama's and Congressional Democrats' proposed economic stimulus plan, and the numbers are not good. The report took a look at the impact the plan would have on the economy over the next ten years, and found that the stimulus bill would actually lower the nation's total economic output more than if the Administration did nothing.

While the CBO estimates that the stimulus will result in 1.4 to 4 percent higher growth in the short term, by 2019 GDP would be 0.1 to 0.3 percent lower. The reason for the turnaround, according to the report, is the massive spending increases and government debt that the stimulus bill calls for. Over the long-term, government spending would "crowd out" private investment, leading to a net shrinking of the economy. On the jobs front, the report's outlook is not much better. The CBO says that the bill will create jobs in the next two years, but by 2011 job creation from the bill's programs would be barely noticeable.

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GOP Sounds Alarm Over Obama Decision to Move Census to White House

In a move with major political implications for voting, districting and representation in future elections, the Obama administration has demanded oversight of the 2010 U.S. census.

The move has Republicans crying foul, alleging that transferring the power of census-taking from the Commerce Department, which normally oversees the U.S. Census Bureau, to the White House is an attempt to manipulate redistricting of congressional seats.

"This action appears to be motivated by politics, rather than the interests of our country," House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, said in a statement. "The United States Census should remain independent of politics; it should not be directed by political operatives working out of the White House."

The Washington Post's Mary Ann Akers reports a senior Republican aide telling her that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has no business overseeing the headcount that will shape the future of U.S. elections.

"With all of its political implications," the aide reportedly said, "hijacking the census from the Commerce Department and letting it be run out of Rahm's office is like putting PETA in charge of issuing hunting permits."

GOP Sounds Alarm Over Obama Decision to Move Census to White House - First 100 Days of Presidency - Politics FOXNews.com
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Meltdown- Thomas E. Woods Jr.

thomasewoods.com./   Bestselling author Thomas E. Woods Jr. warns that Obama's "stimulus package" will do far more damage to our economy than doing nothing.

In his new book, Meltdown, Woods shows how this new bailout (just like last year's bailout) will quickly drive our nation deeper into recession.

The media tells us that "deregulation" and "unfettered free markets" have wrecked our economy and will continue to make things worse without a heavy dose of federal regulation. But the real blame lies elsewhere. In Meltdown, bestselling author Thomas E. Woods Jr. unearths the real causes behind the collapse of housing values and the stock market--and it turns out the culprits reside more in Washington than on Wall Street. 

And the trillions of dollars in federal bailouts? Our politicians' ham-handed attempts to fix the problems they themselves created will only make things much worse.

Woods, a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and winner of the 2006 Templeton Enterprise Award, busts the media myths and government spin. He explains how government intervention in the economy--from the Democratic hobby horse called Fannie Mae to affirmative action programs like the Community Redevelopment Act--actually caused the housing bubble.

Most important, Woods, author of the New York Times bestseller The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, traces this most recent boom-and-bust--and all such booms and busts of the past century--back to one of the most revered government institutions of all: the Federal Reserve System, which allows busy-body bureaucrats and ambitious politicians to pull the strings of our financial sector and manipulate the value of the very money we use.

Meltdown also provides a timely history lesson to counter the current clamor for a new New Deal. The Great Depression, Woods demonstrates, was only as deep and as long as it was because of the government interventions by Herbert Hoover (no free-market capitalist, despite what your high school history teacher may have taught you) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (no savior of the American economy, in spite of what the mainstream media says). If you want to understand what caused the financial meltdown--and why none of the big-government solutions being tried today will work--Meltdown explains it all.