March 9th, 2009

citi in crisis

Jobless Scars Will Outlast the Recession

"Recessions are like illnesses:Most are quickly overcome,but some do lasting damage."-Mark Gongloff

In todays Wall Street Journal Gongloff goes on to say that recessions triggered by financial crises can skew the healing process.

Getting employment back to a "new normal" of 6% by the end of 2012 will require sustained GDP increases of 5%, estimates economist Bruce Kasman.

Take it from the Wolf, that chit ain't happening over the next couple of years. GDP will continue to shrink.

"I worry we have lost a generation of investtors,which will make it much more difficult to fuel the expansion in the corporate necessary to dig our way out of this." -Joseph Brusuelas,economist @ Moody's
Libertarian Party

Both Democrats & Republicans are Responsible for taking U.S. Down

A lot of people ask, “What is the purpose of the Libertarian Party?”

Their first clue should be the last word of that sentence.  While all successful political movements have educational arms, it’s the political party that actually creates policy.  The libertarian movement has many wonderful educational organizations that teach what change is needed.  But there is only one Libertarian Party that can enact change.

In short, the purpose of the “Party of Principle” is to move this country back to its libertarian roots by winning elections, because that’s the only way to change policy.

Libertarians are principled people.  We believe in the principles of individual rights, non-initiation of force and limited government. 

But in a nation where Democrats and Republicans work together to deprive you of civil liberties, of the fruits of your labor, and your right to create jobs and earn wealth in a free market -- the most important principle is winning.

And we must begin winning now.

Some argue that more “education” needs to be done.  While you can never educate people enough and organizations like the Cato Institute are just as needed in the libertarian movement as the Heritage Foundation and Brookings Institution are needed in the conservative and liberal movements – voters already agree with libertarians on
what creates jobs, lowers taxes and improves schools. The educational groups, like Cato, are doing their job. 

Voters now want action.  They want practical Libertarians they can vote for.  Now it’s time for the Libertarian Party to do its job and win even more elections.

The only way to take back our rights is to take those libertarian ideas voters agree with us on, such as tax relief, school choice, property rights, and run winning political campaigns that identify, organize and mobilize voters.

And here’s the beautiful thing about having political power.  It’s a zero-sum game.  If you’re in office, even if you don’t have the votes to repeal anything, the high-tax Democrat or the deficit-spending Republican aren’t there to vote for more government.  There is nothing more noble and principled than winning an election.

The good news is the Libertarian Party, now more than ever, is working every day to create a political machine that can identify, organize and mobilize the millions of voters who already agree with us.  The days of self-fulfilling defeatism and pompous criticisms of electoral politics are further and further behind us.

Our liberties and our economy are in grave danger at every level of government, all the way down to town councils.  The only way to protect our rights and create jobs is to begin taking power from Republicans and Democrats, starting at the local level.

We’re already seeing it work.  Bob Barr won us newfound credibility and increased the Libertarian Party’s vote total over that of 2004, despite the fact the “Obama phenomenon” was supposed to drain third party votes.   Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ed Coleman has joined the Libertarian Party, meaning nearly one million people in the nation’s 12th-largest city are now represented by a Libertarian.  Libertarian Party membership is growing, and our new focus on practical politics is winning converts and credibility for the core tenets of libertarianism.

Conceding power to Republicans and Democrats so you can spend your time debating arcane issues may feed the ego, but it starves liberty.  In this present crisis, winning elections is the most important libertarian principle there is.

Can I count on you to help make that happen?

With optimism,

Donny Ferguson
Director of Communications
Libertarian National Committee

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