July 25th, 2009

obama communist

Obama Hates "White" America & wants to Punish US

"The last question, on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, I mean, he was more animated. He came more alive. He was more passionate on that last question from Lynn Sweet in Chicago about the arrest. And calling the cops stupid? I'm telling you, this is -- there's an undercurrent here.

I think Obama is largely misunderstood by a lot of people. I think his associations in his young life and early adult life matter. The people that mentored him matter. And we're finding out this guy's got a chip on his shoulder. He's angry at this country. He's not proud of it.

He talked about health care last night and never once talked about the greatness of our health care. Once again, when it comes to something American, he criticizes it." -Rush Limbaugh

During his campaign and the ensuing election, Obama managed to escape the likes of long-time racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. With the help of the left-leaning press (who are his biggest supporters) he even managed to escape the racial stink of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In other words, he held himself above racial issues.  Now that he is in office, however, those innate feelings which he kept hidden in the past are coming to the fore.

His comments that the cops “acted stupidly” in the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. indicates where his true feelings lay. He did not hesitate to harshly criticize Sgt. Crowley even after he said he wasn’t familiar with the details of the arrest.  It appears to me that Obama was speaking as a black man who thinks he has a duty to protect all black people from law enforcement officers without any consideration of the facts.  In fact, this was the O.J. defense that resulted in his acquittal.

After hearing Obama’s inappropriate, ignorant and racist comments, I fully expected  Sharpton and Jackson to rush to jump on the cop bashing band wagon, which is exactly what they did. Now I am just waiting for Obama’s pastor of over twenty years, the Rev “God damn America” Wright, to join spew his hate for anyone being “white” in America.