September 27th, 2009

Cowboys star

Take your pick, Jerry Jones or Tony Romo?

David Thomas of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram weighs in on the Cowboys as only he can do:

Jerry Jones said Friday that the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the New York Giants is "all behind us now." I guess Jerry hasn’t been listening to the radio.

All I have to say after watching Sunday’s game against the Giants is that I sure wish Jones could pick players as well as he picks his nose. That was the Super Bowl of digs NBC’s cameras caught in Jones’ suite.

I think Vegas should start setting an over/under on number of times the TV folks show Jones during a game.

The Cowboys’ defense is having trouble forcing a turnover. Tony Romo is having trouble not turning the ball over. You ever wonder what happens when the defense goes up against Romo in practice?

Wade Phillips has a plan in place to help his defense come up with its first turnover Monday night. He is going to ask the referee to cover the Panthers’ footballs in hand sanitizer so his player won’t catch swine flu.

Monday Night Football story line to follow No. 1: Whether ESPN got the memo that Cowboys Stadium isn’t in Dallas.

Monday Night Football story line to follow No. 2: Whether Cowboys tackle Flozell Adams can extend his streak to three consecutive games committing a stupid penalty that draws a fine from the league.

That 15,000 limit the Cowboys agreed to on Party Pass holders allowed inside the stadium — why do I suspect that Jerry’s Super Bowl will be an exception?

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