October 28th, 2009

ray of sunshine

Washington Redskin's Problems Continue to Mount

Be scared,  people: A fake Hogette is on the loose.  As if things weren’t bad enough in Redskins Land, an APB went out to hardcore  fans over the weekend: The man calling himself “Stephette Hogette” is not a real Hogette.  Fans can spot the fake Hogette because Stephette Hogette usually travels alone, said the warnings. Real Hogettes only roam in packs.

“It has come to our attention that an individual is representing himself to be a Hogette,” read the warning, which was posted late last week on Skins message boards and fan sites, including Dan Snyder’s ExtremeSkins.com. “Please be aware that ‘HOGETTES’ is a Registered Trademark and the Hogette likeness is COPYWRITED. He is currently in violation of both federal and state statutes.

“We have a very stringent set of rules and guidelines on who can become a Hogette and we monitor all of our members to insure that inappropriate action does not occur. We are very disturbed that someone would portray us in a negative manner and try to insure that this does not happen. However, from time to time we find it necessary to protect our Trademark and Copyright. If you feel that you have been approached by an impostor or become aware of a potential impostor, please contact us immediately at:hogettes.org or hogettes.net.”