October 30th, 2009

NO bull shit

ACORN Doing Work for Jesus. FOX is the Devil?

defoxamerica.com/  Says ACORN is doing the work of Jesus and FOX is the devil.  ACORN apparently believes that Jesus is against the United States Constitution and rights such as Freedom of the Speech & Freedom of the Press.  I find it ironic that ACORN and the far Left are bringing Jesus to the forefront in their fight for survival. Aren't these the same left wing radicals who label the religious Right "wingnuts" and worse?  DeFox America wants you to sign this petition to Congress:

Dear Congress member, I am writing to urge you to join me in "Defoxing America." Fox "News" personalities are pushing an agenda that is dangerous to ordinary Americans. Using tactics such as placing individuals singled out for censure on a blackboard and linking them to murderous dictators like Josef Stalin, Fox News has deliberately created an atmosphere of hysteria that they have used to attack organizations and individuals fighting for the issues that matter most to working families. I urge you to stand up to these new McCarthy-ite tactics by voting against any unconstitutional legislation that singles out specific organizations. This includes the Continuing Resolution that cuts off Federal support to the national anti-poverty group ACORN. Don't let Glenn Beck's blackboard dictate the people's agenda. Stand up and "Defox America".

Here is the video ACORN is using to promote their "cause" to "DeFox" America.  The WOLF reports, YOU decide!