November 1st, 2009


Wake Up and Call me on Google Voice !

 Mr. Wolf is on Google Voice ---->    830-BONZER1 (830.266.9371)

                                                                                       Call me "Wake Up" ! 

"Wake Up" is a moron who believes that I should move outside the United States because I think that citizens and taxpayers should hold the bureaucrats in our federal government accountable.   From his comments on the Debbie Schlussel Blog, it appears to me that he was one of those former special agents who couldn't find his ample ass with both hands.  So he became a low level bureaucrat manager who interfered with the productive workers.

Now Wake Up is retired and has no life beyond the pathetic job he formerly held.  Wake Up reminds me of the ever ignorant Sheepdog.  It has been my experience  that  mental midgets purposely post confrontational comments on blogs when they can't hold their own in conversations or debates.  They attempt to build themselves up by putting others down. 

Call me Wake Up, I will explain your flawed thinking so that even you can understand it.  How is life in Bay St. Louis?

Intelligent people are also welcome to call Mr. Wolf on Google Voice.

Wake Up's comments can be found here responding to a Bonzer Wolf comment in Debbie Schlussel's Blog :