November 12th, 2009


Carrie Prejean Caught with Her Pants Down (Again)

How can you tell if Carrie Prejean is lying?  Her lips are moving.  Come on people, this chic will do or say anything to get attention and be  "famous".  If Playboy or Penthouse had gotten to her before the Religious Right , she would be touring the country as Miss January instead of pimping her book on cable. Carrie Prejean is full of it. PERIOD.

Last night Larry King asked her a few questions about her settlement with the Miss California Pageant and she goes all righteous, telling King his questions are "inappropriate". Carrie loves the drama and that bit was obviously planned in advance.  All Prejean needed to say was," Larry both parties are satisfied with the settlement" or some such "out" phrase, which is included in every civil lawsuit settlement.  King actually had moved on from his line of questioning when Prejean decided to put on own little show. 

King, by the way, I am not a fan, did or said nothing "inappropriate".  The only thing "inappropriate" about what went down on CNN is Prejean's hypocrisy.  People, she is NOT who or what she says. Prejean is an attention seeking sociopath!

I couldn't care less if Prejean sent her ex boyfriend a million sex tapes. I couldn't care less if she appeared nude in Hustler. It's her life and her body.  But a serial liar and documented hypocrite is the last person conservatives need representing them on national television. Leeann Tweeden is a much better choice. Tweeden is not a hypocrite and she's much hotter!

The religious right could not find a worst representative than Carrie Prejean.  You've been had. Cut your losses and RUN. The tapes in question were not made when she was 17 years old.  She was not even 18 or 19. Prejean was 20 or older.   TMZ has a team of lawyers working round the clock to prove she was an adult when she sent 20-25 such tapes to her ex boyfriend.  Its just a matter of days before Carrie is further "exposed" across the world wide web.

If Carrie's brain was bigger than her 2+'s, I would say all this was a genius plan to sell her stupid book. But her brain is smaller than the "refund gap" on those free fun bags.  Carrie is so dumb, she called her ex boyfriend last week and begged him to lie and say she was 17 when her cell phone camera was documenting her "solo" act.  Turns out, Dude, is not "crazy"  enough to have sex with a minor, even if she was Miss San Diego.  Listen to the exclusive TMZ interview of Mister X here:

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