November 24th, 2009

Cowboys star

Thanksgiving Turkeys?

Before Sunday's win over the hapless Redskins, the last time the Cowboys won a game scoring seven points or fewer was in December 1970.

Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star Telegram and ESPN 103.3 has some thoughts to share on the 2009 Cowboys

Some 46 million turkeys, so say the pilgrims who track such things, will have died this week by the time we get to Thursday. And then there’s the Dallas Cowboys."Stayin’ alive," said receiver Patrick Crayton, who was describing his game-winning end zone-improvised route, as opposed to pop songs of the ’70s, or even the shaky condition of his team.

Beating the Washington Redskins by a final score of 7-6 sounded more like a Frankie Francisco bullpen collapse two blocks to the east, but it actually defined the Cowboys in Sunday’s desperate and, finally, successful survival act.
Lose this one, and even with Oakland on the Thanksgiving platter for Thursday, this was a team that was cooked, along with those 46 million turkeys, even before the dreaded December death march. The math is not complicated. Two touchdowns in the last two games. Fourteen points, period. And totally outplayed by an outmanned Redskins defense on Sunday.

The big local debate after Green Bay a week ago was "giving up on the run." For nearly 58 minutes on Sunday, the Cowboys had plenty of yards on the ground. Except there were no points on the scoreboard. In the NFL, if you’re not passing to win, you’re not winning. OK, it was Washington, a club with so many issues that anything is possible. So a win became possible.
Romo suffered a back injury early, and he was also awful until late. But when it was absolutely up-against-the-wall Redskin mothers, then Tony delivered, as did his receivers, on a gut-grabbing clutch drive in deep stretch.

Afterward, the locker-room theme was mostly the typical "a win is a win in this league," and if the players and coaches had noticed it, they would have pointed to what happened to the Steelers in Kansas City on Sunday, or, yes, how those incoming Raiders shocked the Bengals.

From wideout Miles Austin: "I don’t consider it an offensive slump for us. We won, didn’t we? But let’s see what happens next week." Actually, "next week" comes Thursday. And the Raiders are not a bad defensive club. One thing the Raiders will obviously concentrate on is that Romo didn’t complete a pass to a wide receiver until he hit Austin for 23 yards on the last play of the third quarter.

Not that Roy Williams didn’t have an opportunity or two, but, frankly, shouldn’t Sam Hurd be warming up, or even Kevin Ogletree, to take over Roy’s spot? This Roy thing is looking hopeless. (OK, OK, OK. Jerry would not approve.)

Never had Tony thrown for so few yards (158) and won a game.

Don’t expect it to happen again.

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