December 23rd, 2009

ray of sunshine

Farve is a Diva: Who knew?

Over the past three weeks, it’s become fairly obvious that the relationship between Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre and head coach Brad Childress has started to deteriorate, seemingly reaching a low point at the end of last Sunday’s game in Carolina when Childress lashe out at Favre in the locker room.

But much to the dismay of many a Vikings fan, the dispute between the two sunk even lower yesterday, with a new report from ESPN’s Ed Werder hitting the wire. Citing sources close to the team, Werder paints a less than rosy picture of the current situation in Minnesota, with the foundation of the Childress-Favre spat coming from a disagreement on the use or non-use of audibles on the field.

Favre has made it clear over the span of his 19 year NFL career that he prefers having the ability to check in or out of any play as he sees fit, and while Favre’s track record would seemingly indicate that success tends to follow, Childress apparently disagrees, so much so that he purposefully leaves Favre out of offensive game planning during the week leading up to games.

For his part, Favre has thus far refused to get into a war of words with Childress via the media in Minnesota, choosing instead to stay focused on defeating a terrible Chicago Bears squad next week in the cold at Soldier Field. A win would go a long way towards locking up the #2 overall seed in the NFC playoffs, which ensures a first round bye and a home game in the divisional round.

It remains to be seen if Childress will back down somewhat to keep his quarterback happy throughout the remainder of the season, but he would be wise to do so, as the fortunes of his team are tied for better or worse to Favre’s arm, and a Super Bowl run could be in the balance.

Farve is now and has always been a pain in the ass, Diva. Farve plays it nice to the cameras, while being a complete asshole behind closed doors. Green Bay did the right thing, when they cut him.  The Jets found out the hard way.  But as W.C. Felds said many years ago, "There's a sucker born every minute."  Purple Suckers!