January 5th, 2010

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TCU Football not yet ready for Prime Time

TCU lost the coin toss and it was all downhill from there. TCU's offense came out nervous and tight and most of all FLATE in their biggest game in over 50 years. TCU had the chance of a lifetime and they blew it.

It's painful to admit but the BCS got it right.  What other conclusion can you draw from watching the Allstate Sugar Bowl and Tostitos Fiesta Bowl? A lot has been written and debated about whether Cincinnati or TCU deserved a BCS title shot.

Then the Bearcats got rolled by Florida, and the Horned Frogs lost  to Boise State. Both teams' question marks proved their undoing; Cincinnati couldn't stop anybody, and TCU didn't have enough offense.

Does anyone believe that Boise State could beat  Florida, much less Alabama or Texas?

Based on the way Cincinnati and TCU played in their bowl games the right two teams are playing for the championship on Thursday night.