January 6th, 2010

NO bull shit

Fit for What?

"“I am so far out of this guy’s league that the thought of spending an hour and a half over drinks with him repulses me.”

 " Men also typically think they are way hotter than they really are, so they think they are in our league. That makes it tougher."

“Yes, I am hot”   "I love me" 

"Awesome and fantastic in every way. I love me." - Twitter bio twitter.com/FitDarcie

A few months ago, I ran across "FitDarcie" on Twitter.  Darcie lives in Toronto and writes a blog where she shares that she is the most beautiful, hot, intelligent, desirable woman on earth but she can't understand why she is still single. Go figure? 

Not for nothing but FitDarcie would be in the lower half of the Dallas 1-10 scale based on looks alone. Throw in personality and attitude and you're looking at less than zero.  Strange how something so obvious to any objective reader is a complete mystery to "FitDarcie".

Mr. Wolf has attempted to point out the obvious in comments, but with all her "awesomeness" Darcie does not possess a keen sense of the obvious.  "...said I was going to the bathroom, and never came back. This is a pretty typical move of mine. One that I think is hilarious.” 

I challenge you to read her blog www.fitdarcie.com/  If you haven't solved the mystery as to why Darcie is still single in less than 15 minutes, I will buy you lunch next time you're in Dallas.  We NEED to talk!