January 7th, 2010

scales of justice

Law & Order New York Style

In New York if you are caught breaking and entering, you get probation if you have no criminal history. If you accidentally shoot yourself with an unlicensed pistol, you get 2 years in prison. It's legal and Constitutional punishment in New York. In other words, it is what it is. This is why the 10th Amendment is so important to all U.S. citizens.

If you don't agree with the laws and regulations in one state, you can move to any of 49 other states.  In Texas a burglar goes to prison and shooting yourself in the ass is punishment enough for carrying a pistol without a permit. 

Burress agreed to a plea deal in September. The charges stemmed from an incident late last fall, in which Burress accidentally shot himself  at a Manhattan nightclub with a gun that had not been licensed in New York. 

Texas does not require handguns to be licensed.  Burress would have been able to easily obtain a concealed carry weapons permit in Texas.  No permit is required to carry a concealed weapon in your domicile or vehicle or when carrying the weapon to/from your domicile/vehicle.

To the best of my knowledge, burglary is illegal in New York. You just don't go to prison the first couple of times you are arrested, as long as you are not carrying a firearm. Get arrested for carrying an unlicensed firearm or carrying a weapon without a permit, you go to prison for the first offense. (It's virtually impossible to obtain a CW permit in NY)

In New York only career criminals have guns. In Texas, the punks know EVERYBODY has a gun so they spend most of their time ripping off and shooting other punks.  Which city would you feel safer walking the streets, Dallas or New York?

Burress applied for work release recently, but has been denied by the New York Department of Correctional Services. He is expected to serve about 20 months with credit for good behavior -- meaning he could be released as early as the spring of 2011 -- followed by two years of probation.