January 18th, 2010


Saints vs Luciferians

I will be watching  the Bounty Bowl next Sunday. Its the most important NFL game of the year for me. I would give up one of the Cowboys 5 Super Bowl victories for a Saints win over the Luciferian Vikings.

Up 23-7, Brett Favre & Brad Childress disrespected every NFL player & coach in the league yesterday.

On 4th down & 3 from the Cowboys 11 yard line with 2 minutes left in the game, Childress passed on the field goal and decided to call a play action. Favre happily ran up the score with a TD pass to the end zone. Favre than proceeded to celebrate so hard that he told reporters after the game that he got more tired during the celebration than he did playing the game.

Favre drove the Packers organization over the cliff.   Last year the Diva Dick frustrated the Jets with his Texas size ego,  essentially wasting an entire season for them.  So I guess we shouldn't be surprised with his classless behavior in the waning moments yesterday against the Cowboys.

Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking took exception as he should.  He chased Favre to the sidelines and had a heated exchange with Viking defense end Jared Allen.  Brooking later called the play "classless." 

I guess the immature 40 year old Favre wanted to send a message to the Green Bay Packer & New York Jets organizations with his cheap touchdown.  You didn't kiss my ass, and send the head coach to the airport to pick me up after I skipped training camp. This one's for you.

The Saints will get the first crack at Favre and his ego on Sunday . If the Saints take Favre and the Vikings out,  the most selfish QB in NFL history will return next season for another shot at glory.  He won't  be able to say away if he doesn't make it to the Super Bowl in Miami. 

Favre will sit around in the off season, "thinking" about retirement. Then he will retire. When there is a week left in training camp, he will come out of retirement for the 66th time. Brad Childress will pick him up at the airport and the circus will return to Minneapolis.

The Cowboys defense will have a shot at the diva next year. A blind man could see that the last TD yesterday was not only unnecessary but beyond bad sportsmanship.

"We play em again next year, so we'll see how that goes," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. Look for that one on Sunday Night Football.

If the Cowboys aren't motivated and prepared for THAT game, I am going to give up football and start watching curling.

If  the Vikings win next week,  Farve may actually retire for good after taking "his" team to the Super Bowl. This is not acceptable, New Orleans.

NFL players deserve16 games to show Favre exactly how they feel about him running up the score with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game.  A field goal would have made it a 30 point lead, which was still not enough for Favre & Childress.

The Cowboys deserve a shot at taking out this sorry son of a bitch next season.  Favre's dirty deed must not go unpunished.

Believe me, next season Favre's offensive line will have grown tired of the training camp dodging Diva.  Favre may be the darling of espn but he's not as popular with the hundreds of NFL players who spend weeks toiling in training camp to play in the regular season.

Favre needs to have that target on his back for an entire season.  His inexcusable running up of the score today with that meaningless TD, follow by a totally dis-respectable low class on field celebration is an insult to every NFL player and coach.

Every player knows the unwritten rules of the NFL. An unwritten felony has been committed. Sunday is judgment day. Next season the punishment phase must continue for the Diva Dick, aka Brett Fucking Favre.

It's up to the New Orleans Saints now. Do they want Favre saying after the game that the celebration made him more tired than beating the Saints like the dogs he thinks they are?