January 22nd, 2010


Favre is a Farce

Favre has taken numerous beat downs at the hands of the Cowboys over the years. This is on top of all his other playoff debacles.

Can anyone tell me the last time Favre won a game he was not supposed to win?  I don't mean a meaningless game in September when he may have been a three point underdog.  I'm talking about an important game late in the season or in the playoffs.

Look as hard as you want. You wont find one. Favre has lost more games he was favored to win, than he has won when not the favorite. Karma tells me that the Saints fans should  start planning their Super Bowl parties now. 

But to do something so classless as tacking on 7 points against a team that he plans on never giving a chance to return the favor, please.  Winning by 3 touchdowns is not enough? You need to win by four to feel good about yourself?

On Sunday, in the crazed Superdome, the Favre ESPN loves to hype but real fans despise as a selfish asshole will return.

Who Dat?  Brett Fucking Farve, the Diva Dick and his bitter coach who has an inferiority complex as big as Texas.

I believe that Favre who holds the all time NFL interception record will show up. Favre will try to be Superman now that he truly believes he is the greatest player in the history of the NFL.

But like love, luck usually doesn't last forever. Karma kicks in sooner or later when you are as selfish as Favre. 

I received an email from an Eagles fan who hates the Cowboys.  But he respects the NFL and the unwritten rules of the game. He said that watching Farve pull a cowardly stunt like running up the score in that situation disgusted him.

He said it does not matter who the opponent is in a 27-3 game with less than 2 minutes remaining on 4th down. Kick the FG or go for the first down. Run out the clock or let the opposition run it out. 

I agree completely.  No real NFL fan can defend Favre's cowardly, selfish attempt to embarrass the Dallas Cowboys like he did last Sunday.

In the regular season, points scored could possibly determine a tie breaker. But in the post season there is no acceptable excuse for the unsportsman conduct that both Farve and Brad Childress displayed. 

The Minnesota Vikings fans should be proud of their victory.  But they should be ashamed of both Farve and Childress for rubbing the Cowboys nose in it, after they beat the shit out of them. It was amateur and classless.

Go Saints!

proud to be fan.