January 25th, 2010

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CAUTION Wake Turbulence from Obamarx

Study Explores the Effect of Turbine Wake on Energy Production

The picture above is truly an amazing photo, in my opinion. I found it on David JC MacKay's blog (he's a physicist and wrote the excellent book Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air which I highly recommend), along with a study about the impact that wind turbine wakes have on energy production (specifically, at the Horns Rev offshore wind farm). Hopefully knowing more about this effect can help us design more efficient wind farms that produce more electricity on average.

wind turbine wake graph

Turbines that are after row 1 produce about 20-30% less power, but the main conclusion of the paper is that "The analysis also showed that the direction and where it is measured is very important for the results. It is difficult to use one wind direction for the entire wind farm especially for the turbines far from the mast. This implies that there is no such thing as steady state for a physical system of this size and it must be expected that the wind will always vary from one point in the wind farm to another causing the data points to be scattered. One has to accept that working with wind farm data is a statistical process that implies a significant spread in the data basis."

This statistical analysis be used to model future offshore wind farm and find out turbine positions that are more power-efficient. 

Obama wants you to believe that the U.S. can just throw up solar panels and build wind farms all over America to solve our energy problems. It's never that simple. Obama thinks we are all morons who will blindly follow his lead.  After Virgina, New Jersey and Massachusetts my faith in the voters has been restored.

I hope Obama continues to think like the Messiah and act like a liberal progressive fascist. A Republican majority in the Senate is a real possibility next year.  Obamarx keeps pushing his fascist statist agenda down our throats.  This will do more to help the conservatives than than the entire Republican Party can do over the next ten months.