June 12th, 2010

mr money bags

Big 12 is History

Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will join the Pacific-10 Conference when a formal offer is made, a source told ESPN's Joe Schad on Friday.  Texas A&M, the Austin American Statesman reported, is torn between joining the Pac-10 or Southeastern Conference.

Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and either Kansas or Texas A&M would join Arizona and Arizona State in an eight-team eastern division designed to reduce travel issues. The 16 member Super Conference also plans a Pac-10 TV network that could help generate $20 million per team per year.

A formal offer from the Pac-10 could come as soon as this weekend, the newspaper reported.

The Dallas Morning News has reported that Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott is en route from Colorado to the states of Texas and Oklahoma with invitations in hand. If the Aggies cannot commit, the Pac-10 is prepared to invite Kansas and its great basketball tradition, according to the paper.

Texas is considered the linchpin to the Big 12's survival, particularly after the league lost Nebraska (Big Ten) and Colorado (Pac-10) in a matter of two days this week. The Texas regents said they will hold a meeting in Austin on Tuesday for "discussion and appropriate action regarding athletic conference membership." 

14 years ago when the great Southwest Conference broke up and the Big 12 was formed little consideration was given to the impact that would be felt by the SWC schools(all within Texas after Arkansas bolted to the SEC)  that were left out of the merger with the Big 8.  Money with a mixture of politics drove that merger, just it will drive the shakeup of the college landscape today.

What went around 14 years ago has come back around to bite Baylor on the butt.  The new twelve team (or more) Big Ten & PAC 16 will have similar impact on the Big 12 universities not fortunate enough to be included in the new super conferences. This time around the politics are different and the money is more significant.

The University of Houston, TCU, SMU & Rice were not invited to join the Big 12 when the SWC collapsed. Welcome to our world;  Baylor, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State & Iowa State.