June 18th, 2010

world cup

World Cup™ Officiating Sucks

In the 86th minute of today's FIFA World Cup™ match between the USA & Slovenia , with the scored tied at 2, after coming back from being down 0-2, Maurice Edu kicked the ball hard into the net to give the Americans the advantage and what should have been the game-winning goal. But then referee Koman Coulibaly incredulously blew off the goal.

Why?  That's the question of the day. It's also the question of the tournament , which FIFA needs to answer. Coulibaly repeatedly ignored pleas on the field and questions from the press to explain the call that cost the United States the victory.  FIFA told reporters after the match that Coulibaly has nothing to say. Under the rules of FIFA, the referees do not have to say what the infraction is, as they are not accountable to anyone on the field. 

Bad calls are part of the game, but this goal dis-allowance ranks among the worst ever at the highest level of competition. Fans from all over the world are outraged at Coulibaly.  He is a referee from Mali, Africa, a country with little soccer tradition. Mali has never qualified for the World Cup™.  Check out his Wikipedia page: After the match, it was edited to include “Scientifically proven the worst referee of the century.”  Wikipedia has removed that posting.

There should now be no doubt that soccer has gained popularity in America.   People all over the United States are angry.  Many who previously were not even soccer fans, are now caught up in the blown call. See Twitter under hashtags #worldcup #usa for details. Twitter crashed right after the goal was disallowed.

FIFA deserves equal blame with Coulibaly, for putting a system in place that allows incompetent officials to skate free.  Americans should not allow FIFA to forget about this, which is what President Sepp Blatter is betting will happen.  So don't just sit there. Do Something. Write or Tweet or email FIFA President & Vuvuzela apologist Sepp Blatter and tell him that you want accountability. 

Tweet FIFA President Sepp Blatter twitter.com/SeppBlatter/

Contact FIFA via on the web www.fifa.com/contact/form.html

Sepp Blatter
Box 85
8030 Zurich, Switzerland

The only permanent solution to problems like this is for the World Cup™ to incorporate a 5th official with instant-replay review responsibilities for goals, penalty kicks and red cards. World Cup™ matches are just too important not to use the technology that is already available and in place at the venue, where all 64 matches are played.

Teams train and compete almost 4 years for this tournament.  Not only the players but the billions of fans around the world deserve fair officiating, especially on game-changing calls.   FIFA needs to "get it right" if they hope to maintain the status of the World Cup™ as team sport's premier international championship event.