October 23rd, 2010

Texas Rangers 2

Hello World Series

Ron Washington and the blue caps accomplished what no Washington Senators / Texas Rangers manager or red cap has ever done before. It took almost 50 years, the longest in major league history, but tonight the Rangers won the American League Championship. The team with the 5th lowest MLB payroll defeated the highest payroll in professional sports, the $210 million dollar Yankees to secure the Pennant. The Texas Rangers will represent the American League in the 2010 World Series for the first time ever.

The biggest inning in Ranger's history was the fifth. The Rangers scored four times to turn a 1-1 game into a 5-1 lead. And though he didn't have an RBI, Josh Hamilton, the ALCS MVP, played a critical role. The Yankees decided to intentionally walk him for the second time in the game with two outs to put runners on the corners and pitch to Vladimir Guerrero. It worked in the third inning, as Guerrero popped up. But in the fifth, Guerrero smacked a long double to center to score Mitch Moreland and Hamilton.

The Rangers literally went from being bankrupt to playing in the World Series in a single year. I attended my first American League game, in Washington D.C. with my dad in 1971. That Senators game went 23 innings and we stayed until the bitter end. I graduated from high school in 1972, the same year the Senators and starting catcher Bill Fahey moved to Arlington, Texas.

In 1980 I moved to Arlington after being hired by the Diplomatic Security Service and assigned to the Dallas Field office We started attending Ranger games in 1981. My daughter attended her first game in 1983. She was 3 months old. She is now 27.

I retired from government service in 2008, never thinking for a minute that the Rangers would win a League Championship within two years. The Rangers will play at least two world series games in Arlington next weekend. I'll be in Georgia watching the games with my 82 years young dad at his home. Looking forward to seeing Ron Washington manage the 2010 World Series Champion Texas Rangers!

"That's how baseball go!"

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Texas Longhorns

Texas Train Wreck

At this rate, underdogs are going to love playing at Texas: the bigger the dog, the bigger the win.

Iowa State became the latest to drop a shocking home loss on the Longhorns (No. 19 BCS, No. 22 AP) with a 28-21 victory Saturday in a remarkable turnaround for a Cyclones team that had given up 120 points the previous two games.

Oklahoma beat Iowa State 52-0 last week. Can it get any uglier than this for Texas?

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MAC Apple

App Happy Correction

I posted recently about a Nielsen survey that showed what I thought was a shockingly high number of iPad users had never installed an app – nearly 2/3 of those surveyed.

Well, it looks like that number was shockingly high because it wasn’t the real figure. Nielsen has posted revised data that now shows that no less than 91% of iPad owners have installed an app. Still wondering who those 9% are though.

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