November 4th, 2012

My tweets

  • Sat, 14:51: I won my bet using Bettor's Sidekick! SELECTION: MOU +18 -110 It's a great day to be a Gator Hater!
  • Sat, 14:54: I won my bet using Bettor's Sidekick! SELECTION: VAN -6 -110 over KY. GAME RISK: $100000 WIN: $90909 that $ is Bonzer Bucks NOT U$D!
  • Sat, 15:12: ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC all broadcasting good NCAA FBS games now. And tonight Alabama vs LSU and Oregon vs USC. What a great day for football!
  • Sat, 15:24: Another hot on in Fort Worth. Temps expected to start falling later today
  • Sat, 15:32: “@VictorB123: Just saw ANOTHER Romney/Ryan yard sign in San Jose, CA. 4 Romney/Ryan, 0 Obama/Biden.” Settle down my friend BO wins CA!
  • Sat, 15:37: <-- no fan of the tea sip #horns but all over that +7.5 like white on rice. #HOOKEM vs #GunsUp
  • Sat, 15:39: @ErinAndrews = non-stop fingernails on chalkboard #JustSaying
  • Sat, 15:40: “@itsFreeland: I'm actually watching the halftime show. you know why? Erin Andrews.” Let me guess , you're deaf???
  • Sat, 15:56: “@TCOTvideos: Bloomberg on National Guard: NYPD only ones we want on the street with guns.” & NY cops shoot 9 innocents for every 1 bad guy!
  • Sat, 16:10: “@TexDolly: @CajunAbear No, that's the funny part. He can't vote because he is a Canadian.” Thank God for that! No US vote for Danny boy
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