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Waiting and Watching for the Unexpected to Happen

Today, I watched in amazement as the Texas Rangers won only their second playoff game in franchise history. The Washington Senators joined the American League in 1961. The team moved to Arlington in 1972, the year I graduated from high school. I grew up in Georgia and attended a boarding school in Richmond, Virginia from 1968-1972. In 1971 my dad and I attended the longest Senators game of the season. The game latest 21 innings and I snagged a foul ball pitched by Billings and hit by Knowles, according to the fading transcription on the ball.

When the Senators moved to Texas in 1971, I had no idea that Arlington would become my home in 1980. I have attended a few hundred games at the old Stadium and the new Rangers Ballpark in Arlington over the past 30 years.

I witnessed Nolan Ryan's seventh and final no hitter on May 1, 1991 vs the Toronto Blue Jays from the stands behind first base. Kenny Rogers who was born in my home town of Savannah, Georgia, became the fourteenth major league player to pitch a perfect game in 1994 as a Texas Ranger on my birthday. That perfect game was caught by Ivan Rodriguez, who in June of 2007, was the catcher behind the plate for another perfect game thrown by Detroit Tigers teammate Justin Verlander.

After watching the Rangers game on TBS today, I tuned in to watch the opening game of the NLDS today in Philadelphia. Of course, everyone knows now, that today Roy Halladay pitched the second no hitter in MLB post season history. Don Larson pitched the first, a perfect game in 1956. Halladay missed throwing a perfect game by giving up one base on balls in the fifth inning.

Live sporting events were the first "reality tv" shows. You never know what kind of drama will unfold during any "live" event. Anything that can happen will eventually happen.

The Rangers are the only MLB team that has not won a playoff series. That drought could end over the next few days or it could go on well into the millennium. Who knows? Nobody, which is why they play the games and why I'll be watching and enjoying the action and adventure.
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