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UPSET ALERT: Perry Could Lose to White in Texas

This morning, on Fox News America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer, Fox contributor Bob Beckle issued his number one pick for upset of the election: Bill White will defeat Governor Rick Perry for Governor of Texas.

Most experts agree that the ACORN factor will run around the 3% figure.  The “fly in the ointment” is the 18% of Republicans that are either ‘undecided’ or have made the decision to vote for White to punish Perry for an issue or two they are upset about.  If you will excuse a saying from comedian and fellow Texan Ron White – “You Can’t Fix Stupid!”.

For those Republicans that are truly ‘undecided’ (and I cannot believe, we are even having to point this out at this date), possibly a “refresher course” is needed to remind you of  just EXACTLY who Bill White is:


       .. Bill White is anti-gun and supports gun control.  He was one of only two mayors in Texas that joined New York Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group.  He later resigned when he found out how far out on that limb he had gone.  His excuse for resigning: he didn’t know what he was joining.  And this is a man who wants to be Governor of the greatest state in the nation;

  • Bill White OPPOSSES  the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage;
  • Bill White personally made Houston one of the largest ‘Sanctuary City’ populations in the country;
  • Bill White supports ObamaCare;
  • Bill White supports Cap and Trade.  Barack Obama, who said, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” – and Bill White believes that cap and trade doesn’t go far enough.
  •  Bill White’s tenure as Houston’s mayor is a scandal, to say the least.  He raided pension funds to pay for ‘highly questionable’ programs that HE instigated while Mayor.  His part in Metro-Gate is known by everyone in the administration, although he denies any part in it.  Those who do their homework on this issue will find that the money trail in this mess, leads straight to Bill White!  The bills he left when departing as Mayor are astronomical and have been verified by Houston’s current Mayor, at least up until recently when the Obama ‘ground troops’ essentially told her to “shut-up”.  ANYONE who cares to look into the specifics of White’s tenure in Houston can find it all over the internet.  The details are simply to long to go into here.
  • Considering the above, it is no wonder that Bill White has no intention of releasing HIS tax returns!
  • Bill White REFUSES to commit to not raise taxes on Texans;
  • The retired Ernst & Young accountants, who conducted an unofficial audit of Houston's finances after the Bill White term, determined that Bill White may have led the City to the brink of bankruptcy;
  • Bill White has repeatedly stated that military men and women should have a say in races for President, vice president or congress; however, they should not be able to vote for elections in the state, county or local elections;
  • Bill White supports the Obama regimes EPA grab of Texas emission laws.  If this grab is successful, tens of thousands of Texas jobs will be lost;
  • Bill White is a trial lawyer and opposes lawsuit reforms (imagine that!).

And this is the man that some of our “Republicans” are undecided about because they are upset with Rick Perry about one or two issues?   This kind of thinking Folks, is EXACTLY how we wound up with Barrack Obama!        YOUR  VOTE  DOES  COUNT .  

If you know you won't be able to go to the polls Nov 2nd, call and get an absentee ballot sent to you NOW.         There is a deadline for you receiving and returning the ballot.

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