The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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Life is Good
Texas Rangers

I have never been so happy to be so wrong. Congratulations to Ron Washington and the Texas Rangers for winning the MLB ALDS last night.

Prior the game, I gave the Texas Rangers no chance of winning after their sorry two game home stand. But the blue caps were back last night. The Ranger's heads were "right with ball" from the first inning until the last when the fat lady sang for the first time in franchise history. The Washington Senators / Texas Rangers are no longer the only major league team that has never won a post season series.

1961-2009, the franchise won just ONE playoff game in three playoff series over a span of 48 years. 2010 began with the revelation that the manager had tested positive for cocaine and the team was bankrupt.

Yet on October 12,2010, against all odds, the Rangers won the series against the favored Tampa Bay Rays.

On the same day, my family celebrated our beloved dog's 14th birthday. "Hershey" is over 90 in "people years" and is still healthy and happy.

Each day is a new beginning. All of us will experience many ups and downs on the road. In spite of what Robert Earl Keen sings, the road does not go on forever. Enjoy the journey today!


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