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Craig James is an A hole

Living in the DFW metroplex has exposed me to the Craig James that many ESPN viewers never see. James has played a primary role in destroying two NCAA college football programs in Texas.

James was part of the pony express that was paid more than many professional players. SMU received the death penalty, as did the Southwest Conference.

Last year James took out Mike Leach and Texas Tech. SportsByBrooks  reported  this recent TTU incident on ESPN:

Here’s a transcript of an exchange on a ESPN telecast on September 5 between sideline reporter Holly Rowe and ESPN announcers Mark Jones and Bob Davie:

Mark: Welcome back, everyone, to Lubbock, Texas, and a look at the new athletic facilities on the campus of Texas Tech.
Bob: Tremendous facilities. These are first-class facilities.
Mark: Let’s go down stairs to Holly.
Holly: You see the new facilities, the university told me yesterday that the financial impact of tommy tuberville, has been $25 million, he’s been out fund-raising. When you see that Texas Tech logo, it might just mean Tommy Tuberville now. $25 Million!
Mark: Put his initials on anything he raised.

But Based on school financial documents obtained by a public relations firm via the Freedom of Information act, ABC TV affiliate KCBD in Lubbock reported this week that Rowe’s reported Tuberville fundraising figures were off by an astounding 95 percent:

Texas Tech says in October 14th letter to Hodges that it has no document to back a $25 million claim and does not know where the information came from.

That same letter says “Tommy Tuberville participated in events that raised $500,000 for new practice field turf, $250,000 for locker room updates, and $500,000 for weight room updates.

As Craig James is a big reason Leach was ousted, opening up the TTU football gig for Tuberville, many may regard ESPN as a willing participant in what appeared on Sept. 5 to be Texas Tech attempting to prop up Tuberville’s early tenure with propaganda.

Here's one SBB readers comment:

"Just more bullschit from ESPN trying to cover for that asssclown Craig James and his crybaby wittle boy Adam. Tech made a HUGE mistake in replacing Leach with over-the-hill Tubberville. Gerald Myers is a bitter old jealous jerk….and couldnt stand Leach’s success. Craig James is an idiot of the highest degree. Absolutely no morals or integrity. ESPN’s continued support of him is appalling. Tech football is DEAD under this leadership team."

Mr. Wolf concurs. Look for Mike Leach to surface at Minnesota and Texas Tech to follow the SMU path to nowhere.


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