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Early voting ends tomorrow. I voted last week and for the first time in my life I checked one box: 

STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET.  I have voted Libertarian Party in all National Elections for over twenty years, never voting for a Clinton or a Bush.  But I can't waste a vote on the Libertarian Party this year. Our country is in a crisis unlike any other in my lifetime.  The Tea Party movement is moving the GOP in the right direction.

LP has failed because both the GOP & DemocRATS have successfully prevented a third party from becoming viable in the USA. The Tea Party has taken off because the GOP decided to adopt their agenda to save themselves. Sad but true. The Libertarian Party is for all practical purposes non-existent.  The only success the Libertarian Party has enjoyed in the last 40 years is the birth of the Tea Party movement.

Politics is a dirty, nasty  business. It always has been and always will be. Politicians are scum. Term limits are the only cure for the disease of political corruption. I will continue to pay my nominal annual membership fee to the Libertarian Party but I have stopped my monthly contributions. Instead I am contributing directly to Libertarian principled candidates like Sharon Angle of Nevada.

We must be realistic.  The country is not going to embrace all of the Libertarian principles that I believe our country needs to be the greatest nation on earth.  But the Tea Party is a viable alternate and a step in the right direction. We are stuck with an impenetrable  two party system. I am convinced now that we must work within the two party system to save our country from the Socialist/Communist Party aka DemocRATS.

One of the reasons the GOP will take over the House, is that the far left wing-nuts of the DemocRAT party are not going to vote next Tuesday.  I am not going to make the same mistake.  I will work within the Republican Party, via the Tea Party movement because it's my only realistic option for stopping the Obamanation of America at this time.

I encourage you to do the same.  We MUST stop the bleeding NOW.  The GOP is our only realistic ballot box option for saving the country from Euro Socialism or worse.
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