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Marshall Faulk- SHUT THE F UP

Randy Galloway, veteran Dallas Fort Worth sports writer and lead Star-Telegram columnist, let Marshal Faulk have it in his column yesterday.  Randy is one of the best ever and his assessment of Marshall Faulk in this situation is 100% correct.

Thirty-seven-plus years of hole-in-the-roof history ends Saturday night. The final game at Texas Stadium, and no matter the current dilapidated conditions, from a historical standpoint, it’s a venue that deserves a proper burial.

I’m talking big-time national TV coverage here.

Instead, of course, we’ve got the NFL’s own rabbit ears network coming to town for this goodbye game.

I blame Jerry Jones for allowing that to happen. And I wish Tex Schramm, who built the place, was still around for comment. His disgusted reaction would be a classic, although we’d have to bleep half of it.

The NFL Network is small-time TV being pushed and bankrolled by the league. Unfortunately, it’s not going away. But why did it have to come here for this particular game?

And then, it’s been brought to my attention that the so-called analysts on this particular network were made available for local media interviews this week, a common practice to hype the broadcast.

That would have been OK, except former player Marshall Faulk decides to make a point about "local media" coverage of the latest situation involving certain idiots at Valley Ranch. Opinions are OK, until he decided to attack those reporters who are at Valley Ranch every day or in the locker room after each game.

So do you believe a guy who isn’t here or those who are? Here’s a shocker — I take the word of the locals. I know those guys or women. Know who can be trusted. I don’t know this network mouth.

But Faulk ripped into Jason Garrett, saying the media was giving him a "pass." More on that in a minute.

Faulk said while Garrett is belly-rubbed, Brian Stewart (the defensive coordinator) was "attacked" by the media. Real stupid, Marshall. Actually, I can speak up here, because no one has defended Stewart more than me. Ask Brian. I think he will tell you.

I’ve got no tolerance for the way Wade Phillips, supposedly his friend, has left Stewart dangling over which one now calls the defensive plays. I read both local newspapers religiously. There has been no "attack" on Stewart, although for my taste there’s been too much of media buying into Wade’s self-serving promotion of himself when it comes to the sudden improvement of the defense.

Faulk also questioned the "tough" media grilling of Eldorado Owens after the win over the Giants. Meanwhile, he wanted to know why Tony Romo was only asked football questions.

Hey, Marshall. Did you actually watch that game? Romo played hurt, played tough, and played well after a week of locker room backstabbing coming off his horrendous performance in Pittsburgh.

Owens? Don’t get me started again. But just watch the damn game. Or games. Eight out of 14 of them so far with 40 yards or less in receiving.

Now, back to Garrett.

Faulk swung and missed on comparing Garrett’s case to that of Stewart.

But how many times does it have to be repeated that Garrett has not had a good season as an offensive coordinator. It really started when he couldn’t find a way to use Felix Jones in the loss to Washington in September, and it’s been up-and-down ever since.

Actually, Garrett’s best game of play-calling and counter-attacking a defense was against the Giants this week.

Then again, Garrett is in a tough spot, if $3 million a year in salary can be called a tough spot. There’s no question some of the things that go on with this team are not of his liking. The lack of discipline for one. Obviously, discipline can be a major factor in how a team performs.

But Garrett and other coaches at Valley Ranch have to bite tongues, otherwise it would be perceived as under-cutting the jolly head coach.

What does this have to do with not getting Roy Uno Uno more involved in the offense? Not sure I know the answer to that one. Does Roy?

Anyway, Marshall Faulk comes to town once this year and suddenly he’s a media critic. Everybody else is, of course, and that’s the way I like it.

But Marshall, why not work harder at your new craft on a chicken-spit of a network, and then maybe you too can graduate to one of the big boys of TV?

Nice talking to you, man.

Randy Galloway (Fort Worth Star-Telegram) December 19, 2008

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