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Prepare Yourself: Cliff Lee ain't coming back

What the Rangers Can Do With $90 Million


MLB radio is reporting that the Rangers have a 10% chance of signing Cliff Lee. Greg "The Hammer" Williams today said on 105.3 The Fan, that a Rangers insider has told him that he expects Lee is going to sign a five year contract north of $161.000 with the Yankees.

Randy Galloway wrote yesterday in the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

"Just don't know," Nolan Ryan replied Tuesday, an answer that might have included wishful thinking that all these national "baseball sources" also just don't know.

Otherwise, it's a done deal for the Yankees. Cliff Lee is gone to Gotham for any free agent amount you can count, and really even before the Rangers have fired a first financial shot in the new off-season.

Nolan Ryan says:

"We have a Plan A for the off-season, and that's to re-sign Cliff," he noted. "But we also have to have a Plan B."

And Plan B may be coming soon, again based on national speculation concerning Lee's next destination.

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