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Urge Jindal to seek GOP Nomination

Bobby Jindal , the Governor of Louisiana, has claimed that he is not interested in running for president in 2012.  I hope he changes his mind. I believe that Jindal would is the BEST nominee for the GOP.  The more Americans get to know him, the more pressure there will be for him to seek the nomination.

Jindal supports a MUCH smaller federal government and is a strict Constitutionalist. 
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s new book, “Leadership and Crisis,” highlights the Obama administration’s failure to consider the unintended consequences of its policies. I plan on reading the new book and will be posting about it.

Jindal, a rising star selected by the GOP to give the party's response to US President Barack Obama's February 2009 address to Congress , has said that the only race he is interested in is the one to keep his own job.

"I'm not being coy at all. I'm not running for president in 2012. Period. No ifs, ands or buts, no caveats. We have made great progress in Louisiana, but we've got a lot more work to do," Politico quoted Jindal, as saying.

Jindal has been touring the country promoting his book "Leadership and Crisis," in which he focuses on Republican policy and talks about what he called a "lackadaisical" response from the Obama administration to the Gulf oil spill.

According to Jindal, on Obama's first trip to Louisiana after the disaster, the President took him aside on the tarmac after arriving to complain about a letter that he had sent to the administration requesting authorization for food stamps for those who had lost their jobs because of the spill, the report said.

As Jindal describes it in his book, the letter was entirely routine, yet Obama was angry and concerned about looking bad.

"Careful," he quotes Obama as warning him, "this is going to get bad for everyone."

After losing his first bid for the governorship in 2003 and then serving two terms in Congress, Jindal has enjoyed wide popularity since winning the governor's mansion in his native Baton Rouge in 2007.

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