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Time to Ask Santa for a $99 Apple TV
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Netflix raises prices, introduces streaming-only plan

From Macworld:

Yesterday Netflix  excitedly announced a new streaming-only, DVD-less plan, and then, while staring down at the floor, quietly murmured something about a price hike for all other plans.

First, the good news. Netflix will now offer an $8 per month plan which allows for unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes to your computer, TV, iPad, TiVo, Roku, Apple TV, toaster, or any other Netflix-compatibile device. This new plan, available now, finally allows U.S. Netflix customers to stop envying our Canadian cousins up north.

But Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away. Specifically, it taketh away from your wallet. In addition to introducing the new streaming-only plan, the company is raising its rates for all of its DVD-inclusive subscriptions. The two most popular plans—which allow for one or two DVDs at a time in addition to instant streaming—will go up by $1 per month. Other plans are raising in price by one dollar for each DVD you may keep at a time; that is, the 5 DVD plan’s cost is increasing by $5 from $30 to $35.

New Netflix subscribers will need to pony up the extra scratch starting today. If you already have a Netflix account, you get a reprieve from the higher rates until January.

I've sent my letter to Santa, and hope to find an Apple TV box under my tree.  Read all about Apple TV here:


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I predict that Netflix will become like the cable companies. They will keep increasing their charges over time.

That's exactly what happened when Sirius merged with XM. Less programing for more $. Competition is the key to pricing.

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