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The Best Gadget Ever

The iPad is impressive first and foremost because it is a first-generation device that was amazing right out of the gate.

The thing that blows my mind about the iPad is how almost everyone who sees one, who really gets a chance to use one, loves the thing. The iPad is a totally customizable device that can be personalized for every user.

It fits in nicely between my laptop and my Blackberry (a netbook was never a reasonable option for me – too many compromises). It goes almost everywhere with me and has significantly changed how I go about my daily computing tasks.

The iPad is my reading device. Period. I read eBooks, magazines… and everything else. I want electronic copies of everything because, quite honestly, I don’t want to hassle with paper. In fact, I have slowly been scanning in many of my notebooks and storing them in Dropbox so they are accessible on the iPad.

It has become my TV more often than I ever expected thanks to Hulu Plus and Netflix, my music player and an HD movie screen.

I find web browsing on the iPad generally easier and more satisfying than on the computer. Why? Pinch/Zoom. The ability to quickly, and intuitively zoom in on areas and pictures that might initially be difficult to see or read clearly has been wonderful. The fact that I can quickly easily check eMail or the status of things on a given website just before I go to bed, without having to haul out the laptop is wonderful.

All that said – I have at least one website I visit that utilizes flash (although they could easily have done something different). I wish that Apple had allowed Flash – even if it is doggy and badly implemented. Many sites are converting away from it, but many are not yet doing so. It will be interesting to see where all this ends – especially now that Apple has relented on the “no conversion from Flash” apps rule, but I wish they’d resolve all this more quickly!

So there you have some ways that the iPad has changed the ways we go about our daily lives. Many of us have others in our lives touched by the iPad as well. Over Thanksgiving my brother-in-law traveled with just the iPad, and was able to do pretty much everything with it, except for one site that had some Flash he needed my laptop to navigate.

iOS 4.2 has recently arrived, and aside from the debate on the rotation lock, it seems that everyone is completely enamored by the changes, as they make the iPad even more useful and autonomous.

If the iPad has changed the way YOU do things? Let me know in the comments!

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