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RIP Joseph Don Meredith
Cowboys star

ESPN will have tributes to the great Dallas Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith during "Monday Night Countdown" and at halftime of the game tonight. Here's what a few ESPN personalities had to say about Meredith, who died at age 72.

Ron Jaworski: "I had the pleasure of meeting Don a few times. He was a guy I admired as much as anyone, both as a player and as an analyst. His great work inspired me to always be prepared and to have fun doing it. He loved what he did and it always showed. We’re going to miss him."

Jon Gruden: "I used to sneak downstairs and watch Don and "Monday Night Football" when I was supposed to be asleep in bed growing up. He was special. Those crews had a lot of fun together and I always loved hearing him sing, ‘Turn out the lights, the party’s over.’"

Chris Berman: "Don Meredith was a television pioneer who made pro football real, even for non-football fans. I can't remember watching a "Monday Night Football" telecast, and I've seen a few, where Dandy Don failed to make me smile."


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