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Cliff Lee Turns down both the Yankees and Rangers

Pitcher Cliff Lee reached an agreement on a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies late Monday night, a team source told's Richard Durrett.

Cliff Lee has pulled a shocker and turned down both the Yankees and Rangers for the Philadelphia Phillies, according to reports. Both Texas and New York were informed Monday evening that stud free agent pitcher Cliff Lee would not be signing with their teams. The Yankees reportedly had offered a 7-year deal worth around $150 million for Lee while Texas reportedly offered a variety of options. Instead of an extremely long-term deal, Lee reportedly is taking a five-year deal from the Phillies for around $115 million, which would be $35 million less than the Yankees deal.

The Phillies may just have the best pitching rotation ever...Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt.

The details of Lee's deal with the Phillies have not yet been announced, but it's almost certainly smaller than the $150 million for seven years offered by the Yankees.

UPDATE: Here's a surprise. According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, the Rangers were the highest bidders for Cliff Lee.
Brown is reporting on Yahoo Sports that the Rangers' final offer to Lee was $23 million over six seasons, plus a vesting option for seventh year. In total, Lee could have made $161 million had he stayed in Texas. Instead, he chose to leave millions on the table and return to Philadelphia.

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels confirmed the reports at about midnight.

"Cliff called me," Daniels said. "He was very classy. He was very appreciative of the time he was here and how he was treated. He and his family enjoyed his time here. He also enjoyed his time in Philadelphia and liked some of the things that opportunity had to offer."

The New York Post reported that the deal the 32-year-old Lee agreed to with Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is worth $100 million over five years. There also is an option for a sixth season.The deal is subject to the 32-year-old left-hander passing a physical, The Associated Press reported Monday night

The MLB Network is reporting this morning that Lee has signed a 5 year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for $120 million dollars.

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