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iPad 2011

If you haven’t heard any juicy iPad 2 rumors of late, you’re not alone. After early details surfaced ranging from a built in two-way camera (probable) to a carbon fiber body (unlikely), what initially promised to be a steady stream of advance information has since largely dried up.Sure, there’s the iPad 2 speaker grille rumor, which originated from a supposed iPad 2 case design.

The idea that iPad 2 cases are already being manufactured for the iPad 2 is highly unlikely, so the more plausible explanation is that the whole thing has just been made up for attention or kicks. Setting that one aside, the iPad 2 information well has essentially run dry. And that points to the notion that the iPad 2 will arrive closer to the April end of the January-April spectrum which has been paved out by various observers. Either that, or Apple has done a more masterful job of keeping the iPad 2 under lock and key an usual. Here’s more on the iPad 2.
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