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Latest iPad Rumours

There have been no official announcements from Apple on the release date or the actual specifications of the second generation iPad 2. Unfortunately for them, but good news for the Apple rumour mill, their supply chain is not so secretive. Over the past 2 weeks leaked photos of the iPad 2 case have been circulating the internet.

A Japanese site devoted to all things Apple, "MacOtakara", blogged about the iPad 2, based on an anonymous Chinese insider source.This Chinese source revealed that the iPad 2 will be fractionally smaller overall, while retaining the same screen size as the current iPad – at 9.7-inches.

The iPad's bezel, the area around the screen, has shrunk from 242.8mm x 189.7mm to a 3mm slimmer 239mm x 186mm. The case is also reported to be flatter, so that it will not tilt when you press along the edges.Another unconfirmed rumor, from Rodman & Renshaw investment bank analyst, Ashok Kumar, is that the iPad 2 will have "A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores."

Much has been made of the leaked images of the iPad 2's case and the positioning of cutouts in the case. This has led to speculation that the iPad will have a front & rear facing camera, unlike the current iPad which has no camera. The cutout on the rear of the case points to a larger speaker being positioned there. It's also been suggested that the ambient light sensor has been moved from front to rear. Other additions, extrapolated from the case images, are the addition of a mini-SD slot and support for mini-USB 3.0.Another interesting development, has been the unconfirmed rumors that the iPad 2 range will also feature a "mini" 7-inch (17.78cm) version..

There have been several leaked images purporting to be pictures of the mini iPad, but at the moment the existence of such an iPad remains in the realms of speculation.The Chinese source also cites March –April as the shipping date for the iPad 2. This is more realistic then the current release date of January, being touted by a number of Apple blogs. An April release would coincide with the 1st anniversary of the iPad, so that makes sense somewhat, going on Steve Job's past timing for the release of product updates.
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