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Harry Reid, the LEAST of Las Vegas' Problems

Unions, greedy corporate mega casino mismanagement, poor customer service, over priced food, drinks and entertainment are turning Las Vegas into the Detroit of the tourism industry. Conventions are keeping Las Vegas alive and many of the attendees don't gamble anymore due to the increased house take and rakes in the casinos.

Here are some posts published in the Las Vegas Sun from recent and former regular tourists. I agree with all of them. I would also add escalating crime to the list of complaints. Las Vegas is now one of the most dangerous cities in the United States if you venture two blocks from the Strip in either direction.

By curly270
Jan. 2, 2011
10:57 a.m.

I have been coming to Vegas every year since 2001. Things sure have changed. This year was the most dramatic change from any prior year. I am not sure that I will ever come back.

Things that have gone so far down hill in 1 year:
Dealer must hit on soft 17
Automatic card shufflers everywhere
6to5 Blackjack
Rude & indifferent dealer/pitboss
Pitboss that can't be bothered to take your player's card, can't correctly rate you
Comps have gone into the toilet
Cocktail waitress never around
Sorry we don't serve that brand of premium alcohol
Outrageous priced cocktails & food (also tasteless)
Many of the restaurants that we have loved now come with sloppy service and very bland food
Waiters that don't give any decent service
Taxi drivers that are trying to longhaul you, & then get mad when you catch them attempting to do it
All this lack of service & then get mad when you don't want to tip them for inadequate service
The mandatory "resort" fee for things that i will NEVER use & the additional 3% room tax
Now the gov't wants to add more for the creation of a stadium
I can go to Hawaii for less, believe it or not
Vegas had better get its act together

Jan. 2, 2011
2:12 p.m.

Over the past several years, I have cut the number of trips I take to vegas from two a year to none. Now, I know I am not a high roller, but my $500/day budget gets so little in return in terms of food, gambling and entertainment, I just decided to vacation other places. When I get the gambling itch, there are four casinos within a two hour drive, and if I go I am guaranteed free meals a room if I want, for losing just a couple hundred bucks. I know that most people would claim that I want something for nothing, but, hey, $500/day ain't nothing where I come from.

By ghej (Gene Hejduk)
Jan. 2, 2011
11:49 a.m.

I run a Las Vegas travel site. I constantly get the same complaints with number one being the "resort fee" that are sprung on them when they arrive. Second is the cost of food. Third is the fact that the value priced properties are gone or shrinking.

Even though resort fees are legal, they are too sneeky and not worth it. To charge for a bottle of water, that they can buy at the Walgreens or CVS or one even includes free show shine service. That is a great deal for a city that wearing tennis shoes or sandals is the norm. Internet access is necessary for business people not vacationers. They can use their cell phones for email access. Phone service included is a laugh in this day and age of the cell phones. They are forcably charging for thing the regular visitor will never need or use.

When I contacted a few management teams I was told that they have very few complaints about the fees. Not sure if they are ignoring the front desk or just dont' care. Married couples will complain but guys checking in with a girl and not wanting to look like a cheapo will suck it up and just pay it.

Same with food. Way overpriced especially on the strip. Even the lower priced hotels charge and arm and a leg for food. People remember or heard of the cheap all you can eat 24 hr buffets that no longer exist. Not a giant loss but still if you spend all your money gambling you need something cheap just to survive. Starving gamblers remember the Boardwalk buffet. Yuck but at three in the morning and hungry as can be it still served the purpose.

All new casinos are bigger, better and the most expensive to book. That is ok as long as there is a supply of cheaper rooms available. Logic is they just need a place to sleep for a few hours a night. They don't have to be impressed. Sure the older properties are becoming the lower priced but the prices still don't compare to the Westward Ho, Stardust or New Frontier when they were around.

One of the ways for Vegas to survive is to change the gambling age to 19 like it is in other countries. A lot of young couples come here to get married with the groom just turning 21 yet his bride is 19 or 20. He can gamble but she can't even stand or sit with him. This has to change to allow for the ones coming to celebrate their right of passage becoming 21 yet many of their friends are under the age. Drinking isn't as much an issue as just the right to hang around the casino. Look at the Indian Casinos, 18+.

Sure Vegas has to change to survive but you have to let the people have the money to gamble once they are here. Everyone wants to know how to do Vegas on the cheap.

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