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ESPN fires Ron Franklin for calling an A-hole "Sweet Baby"


One of the best basketball and football play by play announcers on ESPN has been fired. One the of worst analysts in the history of football remains on the payroll.

During a production meeting prior to ESPN's telecast of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on December 31, 2010, Franklin addressed fluff sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards as "sweet baby"; when she objected, Franklin instead addressed her as "asshole", a more accurate moniker.

The incident was reported to ESPN by another colleague, and ESPN tried to pull Franklin from the Bowl broadcast that night but it was unable to find a suitable replacement.  Franklin was suspended and removed from ESPN radio coverage of the Fiesta Bowl the following day.

Franklin apologized for his remarks on Monday and said he deserved to be pulled from the Fiesta Bowl. However, ESPN fired Franklin yesterday.   ESPN issued a statement that "based on what occurred last Friday", we have ended our relationship with Ron Franklin.

Franklin who is 68, has called games for the sports cable network since 1987.  Prior to ESPN, he was basketball and football play-by-play commentator for the University of Texas from 1983-1988. He had also been the play by play voice of the Houston Oilers from 1971-1982. 

ESPN is a gutless, politically correct, hypocritical, wussy of an organization. ESPN continues to employ the lower than whale shit, Craig James, even after he destroyed the career  and reputation of Mike Leach at Texas Tech.  Leach had given Adam James a D-1 football scholarship after Craig James begged him for the favor. Not one other D-1 college, including the lowly SMU, offered the lazy brat a scholarship. 

Craig James was a player on the SMU Pony Express "pay for play" team that resulted the NCAA death penalty for the SMU football program. 

Leach was 84-43 in 10 seasons at Texas Tech and his Air Raid offense was consistently one of the most prolific in the country.

Texas Tech fired Leach on Dec. 30, 2009, two days after suspending him amid allegations he mistreated Adam James, a receiver with a concussion. The son of the former NFL player and ESPN analyst , said Leach twice ordered him to stand for hours while confined in a dark place during practice. Craig James went after Leach publicly at the behest of the Texas Tech administration officials who were looking to fire Leach "for cause".

Leach denies mistreating the player and suspects an $800,000 bonus he was to have received Dec. 31, 2009, was the reason he was fired. He has a pending lawsuit against Texas Tech for wrongful termination and filed a separate libel suit accusing ESPN, Craig James and a Dallas PR agency of slander.

Leach, who is living in Key West, Fla., spent this season working as a game analyst for CBS College Sports. He also hosts a sports talk radio on Sirius. It doesn't seem likely he will land another head coaching job before next season since the lawsuits are still pending.

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