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Righthaven LLC Copyright Trolls Gone Wild
 Righthaven LLC is a copyright holding company, based in Las Vegas, that acquires newspaper content from its partners and then sues bloggers and other web site operators for Copyright infringement.  

Righthaven initially purchased copyrights from Stephens Media, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and several other newspapers around the country.  The Righthaven business model is based exclusively on suing bloggers and other internet authors for statutory damages, claiming the sites violated their intellectual property ownership by reproducing articles without permission.  

Righthaven demands monetary damages ranging from approximately $75,000-$150,000 or more in their federal court filings.  RIghthaven also sues over republished graphics and photographs.  In December 2011, Righthaven sued more than a dozen websites for publishing the Vdara death ray graphic, which had gone viral on the internet.  This lawsuit factory has expanded its scope to include ownership of material published in other online newspapers, including the Denver Post.

Warren Zevon author of the "No Lawyers-Only Guns and Money" blog, has published a list of newspapers that partner with Righthaven.  I advocate avoiding these newspaper websites.  Instead of reading the Las Vegas Review-Journal, read the Las Vegas Sun.  Here is the link to Zevon's blog entry on RIghthaven, which includes the list of newspapers to boycott.


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