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iPad Screen Cleaner

For those who own or have at least played with Apple’s iPad, or any touchscreen tablet for that matter, will find that the screen can get pretty dirty with fingerprint grease over time. A good old fashioned cloth can help remove said grease, but it’s like cleaning a pair of glasses riddled with grime, the more you rub them the more the grime spreads.

Lenspen is introducing its Sidekick technology at CES 2011 and it could be just the ticket to sort out this problem. It’s a new screen cleaning tool especially designed for cleaning the iPad and other tablet touchscreens, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Playbook and what have you.

The company is no stranger to cleaning products as they are renowned in the industry for making special carbon-point cleaning pens for camera lenses and sensors. The technology should be similar for the iPad in that unlike other conventional cleaning methods the Sidekick does not use liquid cleaning fluids, tissues, or cleaning cloths. Its cleaning element is also designed to never dry out which is just as well given the regular amount of cleaning you may be doing.

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