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MERRY CHRISTMAS- Muslims are celebrating ?
Bonzer was kicked out of Lifetime Fitness at 3pm because the facility was closing for Christmas.  Lifetime's majority stock owner and CEO is a Muslim and the health club claims to stay open 24/7/365. The web site, advertisements and recruitment pitches all say that Lifetime never closes.  The Lifetime facility did not post a sign or give out any prior information before a 2:45 pm announcement over the loud speaker system, informing members of the 3pm closing. Lifetime will reopen at 3pm on Christmas Day.  Oh well, I had finished my workout and am happy to see that some members of the "Religion of Peace"are at least pretending to get into the Christmas spirit. It must be good for getting the "infidel bidness". Lifetime already gets the Islamic patrons in the locality where they have facilities.


Have a Bonzer Christmas!
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