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Dallas Cowboys Worst Loss in 20 Years- NO PLAYOFFS

Philadelphia 44  Dallas 6

Donovan McNabb flexed his muscles, seemingly mocking Terrell Owens. The always stoic Andy Reid played cheerleader, encouraging the crowd to make noise.

Many fans may not want the quarterback or coach back for another season. But they'll be here for at least one more game – a playoff game.

The Philadelphia Eagles overcame daunting odds to capture an NFC wild-card spot with a dominating 44-6 victory over the Cowboys on Sunday. So much for all that preseason Super Bowl hype in Dallas – America's Team can start its vacation plans early.

The Eagles (9-6-1) will play at NFC North champion Minnesota (10-6) next weekend.

Surely, it'll be a drama-filled offseason for the Cowboys, as owner Jerry Jones has to answer more questions about coach Wade Phillips' job and perhaps consider a major overhaul.

"There will not be a new head coach," Jones repeated several times in a somber Cowboys locker room.

How 'bout them Cowboys!

Tony Romo came up way short in another crucial game, dropping his record to 5-8 in December. T.O. was a non-factor, despite six catches for 103 yards.

"They just handed us an old-fashioned butt whipping," Owens said. "I don't have all the answers, but I'd love to be part of the solution."

Right from the start, the Eagles played with more urgency. While fans cheered Tampa's loss to Oakland, players waited until that game was over before running onto the field for pregame introductions.

The Cowboys have lost nine consecutive season finales.

    Eagles Piss ALL over Romo & Jones                              


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Randy Galloway nails it again

Nobody can rival the Dallas Cowboys as underachievers

PHILADELPHIA — What we’ve got here today is a football club with a head coach who’s been demoted to doofus status by fans and media. Plus, a high-profile quarterback with an approval rating that’s slipped lower than Washington politicians. Plus, there’s the gutless-team tag that was attached after last week’s spot-light game collapse.

But enough already about the Eagles.

How ’bout them Dallas Cowboys?

Week 17, Game 16 of the NFL’s regular-season finale bring us the irony of two bitter old rivals who have almost carbon-copied each other in 2008 futility.

I said almost.

The Cowboys are better off in postseason hope, having only to win today to make the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Eagles’ chances of advancing involve a complicated process of banking a pass off the Rocky statue, swimming the Schuylkill River, beating Ben Franklin off the perimeter dribble, then slam-dunking over all-time favorite son, Wilt Chamberlain.

Translation: Beat the Cowboys, have the Raiders upset Tampa Bay on the road, then have either the Vikings or the Bears lose.

But even as might-be-his-last-season head coach Andy Reid is being ripped royally for abandoning the run in a disgusting loss to the Redskins last week, and even as quarterback Donovan McNabb appears ready to accept a vocal fandom’s invitation to leave town after today (or else he wouldn’t have asked last week for a hefty pay raise), let’s not kid ourselves.

The Cowboys of ’08 are a bigger joke than the Eagles.

Expectations of September were not even close when comparing the two teams. Financial support by ownership is also not in the same ballpark. When Jerry Jones last week re-upped the contract of offensive tackle Marc Colombo, he paid an $11.5 million signing bonus.

Since last summer alone, Jerry has spent nearly $85 million on just bonus money, which is the only guaranteed cash involved in the NFL. This may be a league record for one year of hip-pocket generosity.

Meanwhile, butts are permanently chapped in Philly over the perceived cheapness of owner Jeff Lurie and his team president, Joe Banner.

But all that glitters is not football gold.

Under the category of stupid statements by Wade Phillips, the mousy head coach might have topped even himself last week with "our team is just happy to have earned a chance to make the playoffs."

Wade’s next clue will be his first, but as of last week, Phillips still has the verbal backing of Jones, which goes to show that money doesn’t make a man smart.

Nor has financial happiness made players appreciate Mr. Jones, at least with on-the-field production. The overpaid line is very long, and it starts with Tony Romo, because he’s the quarterback, and includes everyone except Jay Ratliff, DeMarcus Ware, Bradie James, Jason Witten and Zach Thomas.

When healthy, include Terence Newman, and also throw in rookie Tashard Choice. Otherwise, everyone else on this team is stealing Jerry’s money, and that includes Wade and his coaching staff.

For the Cowboys to lose here today would be unthinkable, particularly after even the NFL conspired to give them what should be a huge competitive advantage. Does the league want the Cowboys’ TV drawing power in the playoffs? Absolutely.

With the slimmest of chances to make the playoffs, the Eagles will know by kickoff if this is a meaningful game. Otherwise, why care? Obviously, for competitive purposes, all games with playoff implications should have the same starting times, particularly since the league has the right to dictate those times.

Then again, it’s more important to the TV networks that the Cowboys are in. So being blatantly shady on this final Sunday doesn’t deter the league office in the least.

"No matter, I still have a strong dislike for Dallas," said Eagles running back Brian Westbrook.

"Last time I checked, Dallas is not a team this city likes," added safety Brian Dawkins.

Easy, of course, to say before kickoff, but ...

The Cowboys are a stupid team, with too many idiots, and no strong leadership. Even with a win being gift-wrapped for them here Sunday, assume nothing.

If anything, it’s been a season where assumptions meant nothing.

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