The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Fri, 17:48: RT @WSJ: Google defended its collection of location data from Android phones; Apple remained silent for a third day
  • Fri, 20:04: RT @VTColtTXRangers: John Rhadigan stinks. #Rangers
  • Fri, 20:09: WTF Rhadigan. 5 run lead in the third inning,"the #rangers just broke this one open" ? OMG.UN-listenable. Take ur butter brickle and go away
  • Fri, 20:16: RT @Montwalk: Apparently Rhadigan has introduced "lone star long ball" as his HR call..coupled with "let's play ball y'all" #barf @juni ...
  • Fri, 20:21: Royals not listening to Rhadigan and aren't aware that the #Rangers broke this one wide upon already. Game tied 5-5 a half inning later
  • Fri, 20:40: tonight Rhadigan learned not to say #rangers just "broke the game wide open" when they go up by 5 in the 3rd inning with 30 mph wind blowing
  • Fri, 21:14: RT @stopthewave: MY is, at the absolute best, the 4th most competent first-baseman on this roster. This non-sense of him playing there h ...
  • Sat, 11:07: Cafe Brazil moved across the street. 600 N. Bishop


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